100 classic dating dating for traveling professionals

Watch If you've ever wondered what #Relationship Goals look like, check out Wes Anderson's sepia-tinted childhood love story that's full of charm (pastel colored record players and knee high socks abound) and an all-around outstanding cast that features Tilda Swinton and a very off-brand Edward Norton.

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Whether you fancy romance, comedy, drama—or any genre in-between—there are certain films that are undeniable must-sees.

Some are important because they make you uncomfortable (but have plenty of teachable moments), others entertain, but above all, this particular set will make youwatch Audrey Hepburn won an Academy Award for her turn as a princess who ditches her schedule (and her entourage) in favor of exploring Rome, only to fall asleep on a bench and get rescued by a hunky American reporter played by Gregory Peck. watch In this swooningly romantic movie from Richard Linklater, Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke play a pair of travelers—she French, he American—who have a chance meeting in Vienna and decide to spend the evening before his departing flight walking around the city and talking to one another.

Expert performances from the well-rounded cast (including Mark Ruffalo and Rachel Mc Adams) plus an examination of the career-defining journalism undertaken here make this a must-see. What looks from the outset like a typical rom-com delves deeper into the motions of mental illness, as a bipolar man tries to reconnect with his estranged wife following his release from a psychiatric ward.

Watch Though its direction was very controversial, this French film redefined the modern love story with an examination of all the beauty and pain of falling in and out of love. He meets a recently widowed woman (Jennifer Lawrence) with her own problems, who convinces him to join a dance competition with her to help him win his wife back.

She's the head library reference clerk, heading a team of brilliant women who can answer factual questions at the drop of a hat, while he plays a computer expert sent to automate her department.

Sparks fly in this rom-com tale of woman against machine.has one of the best reveals in modern movie history.Less a sci-fi thriller and more a linguistic mystery that unravels into a beautiful story about love and survival. watch Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy (lovebirds in real life) play a couple of feuding corporate employees.WATCHA classic and super relatable movie if you've ever attended sleepaway camp (or you know, have a twin you didn't know about then make a plan to reunite your divorce parents then live happily ever after).Prepare to get all the feels watching Lindsay Lohan in her glory days playing both (yes, both) Hallie and Annie Parker alongside Dennis Quaid and Natasha Richardson.Watch It's not often that a movie so perfectly taps into the spirit of the times, but in a year where Trump's presidency has sparked tense discussions about police brutality, race, and false liberalism, this was the breakout movie that did the job—in the horror genre, no less.

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