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The Egyptian hieroglyphics for iron literally translate to “metal from heaven,” which gives a pretty good clue as to its origins.

Because of the rarity of the metal, it was mainly associated with wealth and power.

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However, after researchers found the coffin, they examined the bundle and came to a startling new conclusion.

A CT scan showed that it was actually a fetus and that it had been carefully preserved and buried in its own specially built coffin that contained intricate designs and decorations.

Along with a gold blade, a mysterious dagger apparently made of iron was found at Tutankhamen’s side.

Since King Tut died before iron was smelted, it was theorized that his dagger came from fallen meteorites.

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Egypt was one of the earliest cultures to start keeping extensive records for future generations.

The only problem is that they were dated from 2,000 years before Egypt had the capability to smelt iron.

Since then, historians have puzzled over where the ancient Egyptians either found iron or learned to create it so early in their history.

It was transported to Cambridge University where it was put away and left unchecked for the next century.

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