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21 year old dating a 17 year old-29

signs of teen dating violence - 21 year old dating a 17 year old

Er, at least, if we're talking about kissing on the mouth.

I understand that age of consent is 18, and she can go to jail for sexual interactions with him.

There are laws that are concerned about 21 year olds having sexual contact with minors, which is an entirely different matter. If none, please remember to click on the ACCEPT button so that I can receive credit for working on this matter with you.

Thank you, Dan ps: in the event you were actually asking (without directly saying it) whether a 21 year old could get in legal trouble for participating in consensual sexual activity with a 17 year old in Pennsylvania, it appears that the answer is no.

Men mature far slower then women and that age gap should alleviate that.17 YO boys of her own age will be pretty immature.

Tell her to ignore his judgey mum and just get on with being happy for now. Does your sister know specifically what is bothering his mum?I was quite mature and sensible for my age I guess and we knew each other as friends first.We also had a wide group of mutual friends which I think makes a difference because it wasn't all this intense "just us" stuff all the time - we were regularly out with friends in a group too This seems fine.He's old enough to drink and you're not, but he's young enough to probably still have plenty of under-age friends, so you should be okay there, too.As long as your life paths are similar, you should be just fine.But to be fair, I was really mature and responsible (we dated for 3 years and only had sex when I was 18, I wanted to wait and he respected that), but still.

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