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This usually means aiming for 50- or 60-word chunks of text, with panel titles no less than 40 points and body copy around 24 points.Color schemes, panel dimensions, and other practical considerations should also take the second language into account at the outset of exhibit development.

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Most Spanish speakers are familiar with the terms would feel odd using coche, just as someone from the United States might feel strange referring to his “apartment” as a “flat.” It is particularly important to develop English and Spanish text in unison when using idiomatic expressions.

For example, it’s important to have thought of appropriate Spanish-language phrases that capture the meaning of headings such as “Fish out of Water” or “Bone Up on Bones.” Moreover, the Spanish equivalent of colloquial expressions can vary by country or region.

Different background colors, text treatments, and creative placement of images can help accomplish these goals and create a label design as aesthetically pleasing as any single-language exhibit.

Of course, this whole endeavor is a dynamic process.

Although these guidelines refer to English/Spanish interpretation, the principles can be applied to bilingual exhibitions in other languages.

There is certainly more to be learned, but let’s look at some of the basic issues.The translator and editor, whether staff members or proven outside professionals, must be intimately familiar with the exhibit content.Their input is essential at the outset of exhibit development in determining how both languages can most closely mirror each other in terms of voice, tone, humor, and idiomatic expressions.This might seem like a given, but I’ve come across many bilingual labels that prove otherwise.While some visitors will praise your institution for making the effort to provide the text in a second language, less forgiving ones might surmise that you didn’t care enough to do it right.Two weeks into a project, the writing team may ask the exhibit production manager for a few more inches of text panel real estate to accommodate longer-than-expected text.

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