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Though people have always been very passionate and sexually active, the opportunity to find hot dates quickly has skyrocketed after internet opened up a variety of options.

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After a few years into marriages, many people start feeling suffocated by platonic, functional relationships. Having a string of illicit, sexual liaisons with hot, sexy women or handsome men as the case may be is sure to light up the fire all over again and infuse that much needed energy into lives.

This clearly explains the popularity of My wife Julianne and I are married for the past nine years and have had our share of undiluted, exciting sex life.

Personals sites cater to people who know how to live life king-size.

We only live once and it is a good idea satisfying your urges and enjoying sex rather than curbing your desires and suppressing your feelings all the time.

Understandably, over a period of time, we got carried away with our respective careers and drifted apart.

Though we stay with each other, that special passion and intimacy is completely missing.

He is nearly 2 not had any social h contact again due to my health.

Im separated pending divorce after my wife decided she was gay.

I decided to spice up my life and started browsing the adult dating sites.

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