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Asperger's syndrome is a kind of autism that's often associated with people who are extremely accomplished in fields ranging from music to mathematics.

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Individuals with Asperger's syndrome demonstrate exceptional skills in language but finding it difficult to function in other ways.

Online Counseling Online counseling is an excellent form of mental health treatment for someone who lives with Asperger’s to explore.

ABA draws on different approaches, including using positive reinforcement to modify problematic behaviors. The therapist adapts the treatment to the individual’s needs.

Research studies demonstrate that ABA helps people with autism spectrum disorders; however, some people believe that ABA therapy can cause more harm than good to someone on the spectrum.

They can learn ways to manage their symptoms and work on developing a social network of long-lasting relationships.

Even in severe cases, however, it is possible for a person with Asperger’s to change their behaviors so that they serve them.

Asperger’s is part of a broader category - autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Although Asperger’s syndrome is technically no longer a different condition or diagnosis, some people still use the term.

In addition to OCD, CBT is a form of treatment for those living with OCD.

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