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Ashley Ellerin was born between 1979-1980 and she was 22 years old when she got murdered in her home.Furthermore, she was killed by a serial killer named Michael Gargiulo aka The Hollywood Ripper.A sneak peek into the life of your favourite comedian Zach Woods shows he’s a very busy and focused person who gives his career his very best.

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Yes, Woods supposedly loves his profession more than women but it has not been confirmed if he’s gay or not.

Until then, we wouldn’t believe he has a gay sexuality, as widely perceived.

As we mentioned earlier, Woods is a very busy person.

Since he stormed the spotlight, he has taken the world by surprise, as he keeps attaining greater heights year after year.

See Also: Alec Baldwin Wife, Daughter, Brothers, Children, Family, Net Worth, Height Well, he might be dating someone behind the curtain in order to avoid public attention but until he shows us the lucky lady, we will believe he is not married.

When you don’t have a girlfriend or any history of past relationship with women, it won’t be surprising if people mistakenly assume you are gay.

As charming as he looks, it’s widely believed that the A-lister has no girlfriend and is not in any known relationship.

At the moment, he has no history of past relationships with women.

In fact, during that time she was about to go on a date with Kutcher and he was supposed to pick her up on the way to the party.

She grew up in Los Altos and its a small Silicon Valley town.

Hunky Woods is not really a giant but he doesn’t go missing in a crowd – thanks to his height which is put at 6 feet 5 inches.

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