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A bridal party is not, in Judith Martin's words, a "chorus line," and therefore the bridal party needn't consist of either equal numbers on each side, nor equal numbers of men and women.

However, while hosts must supply beverages of some sort, they are considered under no obligation to provide alcohol.

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Judith Martin suggests that if one cannot afford to serve liquor at the reception, "... Men and women in the bridal party should dress to the same level of formality as the bride and groom, but need not wear matching suits, dresses, or colors.

While black attire has become common for female wedding party members, not all etiquette writers believe this is a correct selection.

She advocates discarding them and replying on one's own stationery, while Peggy Post suggests that guests use them if included, to avoid interfering with the host's card collection system.

Some say maps, directions, websites, and other information may be included.

Traditionally, they announced the bride and groom's new address; they are now more likely to be used to announce the couple's choice of surnames.

Weddings are often an occasion for particular concern about etiquette; and for some people, weddings are the only time when etiquette becomes a concern.Those who do so are obliged to provide neither unlimited nor specific types of alcohol.Cash bars are considered inappropriate by etiquette writers, on the grounds that it is inappropriate to ask guests to pay for anything While commonly seen in reception rooms, a cash bar indicates that the host believes the guests should have access to drinks, but is not willing to pay for them. But serve it graciously." While in the past it was customary for the bride's parents to pay for the wedding, today, "[t]he days when the bride's parents were expected to bear all the expenses of the wedding and reception are over." The idea that white signifies the bride's virginity has long since been abandoned, but the rule that others present should avoid white has not.Invitations for mixed social events, such as parties, weddings, etc., must be extended to the established significant others of any invitees, such as spouses, fiancés, or long time or live-in boyfriends or girlfriends.The significant other must be invited by name, and the host should inquire if it is not known.Among the most prominent writers on American etiquette are Meloise, Letitia Baldrige, Judith Martin, Emily Post, Elizabeth Post, Peggy Post, Mary Monica Mitchell, Gertrude Pringle, and Amy Vanderbilt.

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