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Given a contract by Herb Alpert's A&M Records, she recorded mostly soft covers of songs by popular rock groups, including the albums Claudine (1967) and Love is Blue (1968).

She and Williams split in 1970, and a few years later she began dating champion skier Vladimir "Spider" Sabich.

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She shot and killed Sabich at their home in Aspen, Colorado in 1976, leading to a highly-publicized murder trial. Kennedy, a close friend of Williams and Longet who was killed in 1968…

Longet pleaded not guilty, saying the shooting was an accident. The night after she shot Spider Sabich, Claudine Longet stayed with neighbor John Denver and his wife.

Irrespective of the scandal she faced, the French actress and singer found love once again and this time, it was with Ronald Duane Austin, her defense lawyer during the murder case.

The duo got married in 1985 and has since been together till date.

Their future romantic entanglement and marriage started after Williams offered to help fix her car and the two got connected, subsequently making their relationship official in 1961 when they wedded.

The union gave rise to three children Noëlle, Christian, and Robert, but the marriage, unfortunately, ended in 1975.The veteran actress and singer is very much alive and living happily with her husband Ronald Austin and they are said to reside in their home in Aspens.There have been so many questions surrounding the recent activities of the French actress and our findings revealed that Claudine Longet is currently living a quiet life away from the spotlight which was a decision made after Vladimir family’s lawsuit against her.With no strings attached, it was known that her former husband, Williams was with her all through the process and even helped her pay all the fees involved.Claudine was at the end convicted of negligent homicide and a sentence was passed on her to pay a token fine including thirty days in prison.After the end of her first marriage, Claudine started dating Vladimir Spider Sabich, an Olympic world champion skier.

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