LO3 Energy earns a Startup Energy Transition award at the SET Tech Festival—the annual summit of the SET initiative, which brings together a global network of innovators participating in the global energy transition and fighting climate change.

We’re also thrilled to have our own Director of Business Development, Scott Kessler, participate as a featured speaker.


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Latrobe Valley Microgrid is launched in southeastern Australia.

The goal is to engage residents and demonstrate how a localized energy marketplace can improve efficiency, security and resiliency of the electricity grid and boost the local economy by creating additional jobs and income opportunities.

When a charging station—public or private—or an electric vehicle has a surplus of energy, it is made available for purchase on the local network.

Consumers can set budgets and be alerted to the availability via mobile app.

The success of this project will stand as proof of concept for all future innovations.

LO3 Energy begins collaborating with Siemens, bringing advanced technology to our own Brooklyn Microgrid to greatly enhance LO3 Energy's transactive energy platform that enables secure local energy trading.

In partnership with a local energy service provider, LO3 Energy instituted a virtual microgrid to demonstrate how seamlessly the model can be applied to existing networks-connecting prosumers and consumers in a localized energy marketplace.

In one of the most densely populated areas of the US, LO3 Energy teamed up with Siemens to reimagine the traditional energy grid, creating a localized microgrid and empowering a community with a resilient and sustainable clean energy model.

The distributed system operator is granted access to consumer data like building management systems.

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