Anglo indian dating

The 50’s and 60’s saw a steady stream seeking better job prospects and after independence in 1947 many left for Australia, Canada, the US and mostly Great Britain.

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Anglo-Indian families often lived near and were employed by the British Railway, proud to remain in the comfort of a private colony where all of their entertainment requirements available within a few short miles of their homes.

These colonies usually had a swimming pool commonly referred to as the tank, surrounded by tennis courts and a community near by which were most famous for weekend dances.

One thing I need to point out is that almost all my family members, with the exception of my cousins have died.

With each passing I insisted on collecting all their memorabilia with the hindsight that I would one day make a project like this.

Many Anglos marry outside their race and many hide their origins. a brief and not very detailed history of Anglo Indians.

As they intermarry with other races the lineage becomes diluted since most Anglos reside in Western Countries like Canada, U. Some say they are a deliberate creation of the East India Company.

It was a technique, which required a high degree of skill and patience.

It was executed very lavishly, in that the frequent cuts wasted a great amount of the precious materials used.

This Association hopes to increase awareness of WHO WE ARE.

Gorgeous 19th century Anglo-Indian double tea caddy from circa 1880.

Made in Bombay, India, noted for its sadeli mosaic.

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