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Failure to comply may lead to the invalidation of the trade mark(s).Source: Spoor & Fisher, South Africa Legal basis is the Industrial Property Act, Law no 3/92 of 1992, Chapters IV – VII, in force since 28 February 1992.

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IAPI will also accept copy documents originally legalised by Apostille in accordance with the practice at the time of the original filing.

All documents are to be submitted by September 28, 2015.

The Tax Office will then issue a revenue collection document, which must be submitted to the Industrial Property Office.

In the circumstances, any person interested in making payment of official fees will first need to obtain a payment note from the Industrial Property Office, then make payment of the official fees at the Tax Office and, thereafter, submit the application together with the stamped payment note and revenue collection document to the Industrial Property Office.

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The new Nationality Law, approved by Law 2/2016, of 15 April 2016, sets out the new conditions for recognition, acquisition, loss and re-acquirement of the Angolan nationality.Photocopies of the official filing forms, which include copies of the application as filed, together with copies of any requests for renewal and/or any subsequent changes of ownership.2.Power of attorney, incorporating a verified Portuguese translation, legalised up to an Angolan Consul.3.Our Country Index Newsletter brings you the latest amendments to international trademarks laws every two weeks!More than 8,000 IP professionals worldwide have already subscribed. Benefits of opting in: The Ministry of Finance recently announced a change in the payment procedure for all Public Departments including the Industrial Property Office pursuant to Executive Decree No. Effective from March 1, 2018, all payments relating to industrial property deeds must be made at the Tax Office, into the sole treasury account, on the presentation of a payment note issued by the Industrial Property Office.A notification has been issued to owners of pending and registered trade marks with an allotted official number from 0001 to 5000.

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