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James says: “Once, a group of us were invited to meet at a location, only to discover that the whole thing had been set up so that two in the group could be together.

“Often, at least one friend knows about the situation but chooses not to say anything because of a ‘don’t-tell’ mentality,” says Carol. “Many keep their dating secret by lying to their parents about where they go,” says 17-year-old Beth. “Dating without the intention of marriage is like advertising something you’re not selling,” says 20-year-old Evan. Proverbs says: “Expectation postponed is making the heart sick.” Do you really want to make someone you care about sick at heart?

Another caution: Dating secretly will rob you of the loving interest of your parents and other concerned adults.

Don’t worry about permanently ruining your friendship.

In time, a true friend will realize that you were acting in his or her best interests.​—Psalm 141:5. Of course, not all secrecy surrounding dating involves deception.

Because of this, you’re more likely to fall into the trap of sexual immorality.​—Galatians 6:7.

The Bible says: “All things are naked and openly exposed to the eyes of him with whom we have an accounting.” (Hebrews ) So if you’re covering up your own dating​—or that of a friend—​Jehovah already knows about it.

Really, if you can’t be open about your dating, you should ask yourself Do you know in your heart that your parents would have valid reason to object?

“I Knew What I Had to Do” Jessica, mentioned at the outset, changed her mind about secretly dating Jeremy when she heard the experience of another Christian who was in a similar situation.

’” Undue pressure from others can indeed be harmful.

(Song of Solomon 2:7) Therefore, at the initial stage of a relationship, some may well choose to be discreet.

Several girls had tried to start a relationship with him, but he wasn’t interested in them.

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