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He has also generally dated women much younger, including at one point a young woman who was 17 at the time.

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Despite occasional barbs sent back-and-forth via the internet, the two seemed to move on for the most part until these most recent allegations.

The seriousness of these accusations shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Although he did have a fantastic story awhile back about an “internet stalker” that unsurprisingly was followed immediately by a crowdfunding effort.

No word on if they ever caught the nefarious stalker or not but my guess is that he’s out there somewhere.

We at ROTC make no endorsement of the veracity of these claims.

Despite all of the controversy, Anthony Cumia continues to host shows on Infowars and his Compound Media continues to thrive despite being behind a paywall.

Radio personality and the presenter and also the broadcaster who is better known as the co-presenter of the "Opie and Anthony" radio program, and also, and the top radio personality is, Mr. At one point the duo has fired from the gig at a Boston radio following they pulled a prank which asserted the city's mayor died in a car accident.

Amazingly, the controversy led to an even bigger opportunity at WWE in New York City.

Even with his identity confirmed one must still take his story with a grain of salt.

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