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Financial Close Date: 09/30/2016Commercial Operations Date: 05/30/2019Estimated Project Cost: .1MOverview: This run-of-river hydropower plant has a planned installed capacity of 4.8 MW and an estimated 25 GWh in annual production.

Financial close was in November 2016 with an investment of .1 million with .6 million in GET Fi T commitments.

Financial Close Date: 01/30/2017Commercial Operations Date: 03/30/2019Estimated Project Cost: .5MOverview: The project comprises construction and operation of the 5.25 MW Sindila Mini-Hydropower Station on the Sindila River in the Bundibugyo District of western Uganda.

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The electricity generated will be transferred to the national grid and sold to Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited under a 20-year PPA.

Power Africa and USAID are providing a loan guarantee from Standard Chartered, a Power Africa Partner, to East and Southern Africa Trade Bank (TDB, formerly known as "PTA Bank"), which provided an $11 million facility loan to SM Hydro Ltd. The SM Hydro project reached financial close in July 2018 and is expected to be commissioned in 2021.

After the delays, construction resumed in late 2018 and commissioning is expected in the first half of 2019.

There are two possible reasons why a PCT applicant might file a Demand for Preliminary Examination.

The exhibits below illustrate Power Africa’s financially closed transactions in Uganda, some of which are already online and generating critical electricity supply for the people of Uganda.

Power Africa Partner Berkeley Energy provided financing through its AREF fund, to which USAID is also a financial contributor Financial Close Date: 07/31/2018Commercial Operations Date: 2021Estimated Project Cost: .7MOverview: The SM Hydro Limited project is developing a 6.9 MW run-of-river mini hydropower plant on the Muyembe River in eastern Uganda under a build, own, operate agreement.Financial Close Date: 12/30/2016Commercial Operations Date: 06/31/2019Estimated Project Cost: MOverview: This run-of-river hydropower plant has a planned installed capacity of 16 MW and estimated production of 72 GWh annually.It is immediately downstream of its sister power station, Siti I.Financial Close Date: 01/31/2016Commercial Operations Date: 12/12/2016Estimated Project Cost: MOverview: This project with ground mounted solar PV power plants has a peak capacity of 10 MW and an average annual energy production of 17.6 GWh.The project involved an investment of million, including .5 million in GET Fi T commitments, and was developed by the consortium of Power Africa Partner Access Power and EREN RE/ TSK Electronica.Power will be carried 5.7 km to the national grid on a new 33 kilovolt (k V) overhead transmission line to be constructed by the Rural Electrification Agency.

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