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It is not even related to the racism issue, it is because there are too many single heterosexual black women and not enough eligible, successful, heterosexual men of color (who don't have children). I was in my tolerance stage of the “I don’t give a damn if someone is gay, just as long as they don’t bother me” stage. Yet, while I was highly adroit at maintaining an air of acceptance, I couldn’t betray my feelings. The thought of two men kissing each other was about as appealing as a frontal lobotomy.

Cory Booker: "Pointing the finger at gays"By Op Ed January 9, 2013Editor’s Note: Every Wednesday, The Stanford Daily will publish an interesting opinions piece from The Daily’s archives. Allow me to be more direct, escaping the euphemisms of my past – I hated gays.

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When Cory for ran against Sharpe the first time, James's campaign people started gay rumors about Booker. TV reports say Cory discovered the fire returning home with his "security detail." One of them was interviewed. Jim Mc Greevey's detail drove him to turnpike rest stops and waited until he was finished doing the nasty.

The rumors continued during the second run when Cory defeated Sharpe. I follow him on twitter and he responded once to some jerk who asked him straight out if he was gay.

He said no, but that he had no problem with gay people.

While I don't put it past politicians to lie, I don't know why you'd lie about something that you could just as easily ignore.

Newark Mayor Cory Booker sort of comes out of the closet Newark Mayor Cory Booker is an anomaly; at 43, he holds a prestigious job, makes a ton of money, but he is chronically single.

In 2012, a handsome man who is still single after the age of 40 is almost unheard of. Booker has been the subject of rampant ghey rumors for years now....

As a former lobbyist I used to hear about this when he was a freshman Assemblyman and the Mayor of Woodbridge."I have a monster crush on CB, but I've heard that he's a horn-dog for the ladies." Men who are horn-dogs don't have to use the "I'm too busy" excuse Most politicians are busy, and yet 95% of them manage to find wives or girlfriends a political friend in a position to know, offered that he is in a recent discussion about why he doesn't appear to have aspirations for higher office, more national visibility. Did coke at a gay bar in NYC when he was the mayor of Woodbridge. Told me Mc Greevy finally was banned from the place. Question: WHY is the African American community so willing to call-out lies and sketchiness in public figures yet refuses to question the fact that so many of their own cultural and political leaders are blatantly homosexual? Cory lives in a two-family house on a main street in the South Ward, everyone knows when he leaves and arrives. Kinky Friedman said that when he was running for Governor of Texas.

She said it would be a problem for him.r6, you have it reversed. Total piece of shit, and corrupt as the day is long. The truth is that things were getting too close with respect to questions about contracts in NJ. It's like priests, sexual activity is never done in their diocese. Fun factoid: Booker and Rachel Maddow were friends at Standford and later on at Oxford where they were both Rhodes Scholars.

The disgust and latent hostility I felt toward gays were subcategories of hatred, plain and simple.

While hate is a four-letter word I never would have admitted to, the sentiment clandestinely pervaded my every interaction with homosexuals.

It was his ladyfriend whom he had on the city payroll who was his travel companion. R6 and R15, no I absoulutely do not have it reversed. For what it's worth, I have a friend who worked on his election campaign a few years back, and he says with confidence that Booker is gay.

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