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My mum and dad went to see it on my 21st birthday, when I was out of the country.As if they haven’t had enough moments of their boy growing up over the last few years, they went and traumatised themselves by watching that.” And he’s off on another one of his tangents, this time about the heartbreaking moment when the old toys are discarded.

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But, as a man, in that moment, when the girl is a good actress, you get fooled.” “If I’d have stayed in school, posh public school boys would be my only frame of reference for the world.

Whereas I’ve been taken out of that and met people from every social background. I adopted the policy that I’d rather be open than close myself off to the world, even if it means getting screwed over. The thing is, he took the photo and then used his real name in the paper.

Now, those of us who never had much interest in wizardry should sit up and take notice of one of our most exciting young actors, who at the age of just 21 is on the verge of a spellbinding transformation.

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But in general I don’t do that stuff because it doesn’t interest me and I’d rather fucking sleep, you know, I’m tired.

I am actually very boring.” In reality, Daniel Radcliffe is anything but boring.Unlike many young stars, however, he isn’t bored by his lifestyle.Instead he’s open, excited and full of tales of his recent 21st birthday.You might think, well, easy to have that attitude if you’re a multi-millionaire at 21.But Dan’s lack of interest in financial gain seems to come from a genuine place.Instead, there’s a bare-chested 21-year-old man smouldering for the camera with clownlike make-up smeared all over his surprisingly chiselled face. “I’m Dan.” Daniel Radcliffe is not Harry Potter, and he wants you to know it.

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