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Several examples of Granford planes are known, but there are only four by Davenport, and none have been identified as being made by Hemmings. Nicholson (Wrentham 1728-1753) was the first recorded American planemaker.

Up until the middle 1700s there were only a handful of British planemakers, all of whom were in London.

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For the most part they made metal mitre planes having very fine mouths that proved outstanding for cutting end grain.

Benjamin Frogatt, a well known maker of wooden planes, 1760-1790, was one such maker.

Even today Scotland has its own parliament and bank.

So let's not refer to these great tools made by Mathieson and Spiers, or tools from such towns as Perth or Aberdeen as "English" - they are "Scottish." England followed by Scotland were the principal manufacturers of woodworking tools in Britain.

There may have been a few planemakers in Wales in the late 19th century, such as Hawkins and Webb in Newport, and Munday in Holyhead.

Likewise Keller and Mulholland in Belfast, Lewis in the Isle of Man, and John Hubert in Jersey each made tools around the turn of the last century. They certainly are well made but aesthetics definitely sets them apart.

These early planes were made from wrought iron with sides that were dovetailed to the wrought iron sole.

Dovetailing is not usually associated with metal working, other than the coppersmiths, but is known by woodworkers for its strength and durability.

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