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Thanks again all Randi I am full of questions today, the more I find out about this, the more questions, I have. I also know they quit making the 6 1/2 oz returnable bottles, just have to find out when.

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First off, I wish to thank those that have helped me here before.

I have been ALL OVER THE WEB looking for answers and this is the first place where I actually got them.

I do not want to mess them up and with my luck, that would happen. Hey Randi, I think you will find that most of the ACLs aren't worth much unless a collector is looking for that perticular bottle.

[:)] Thanks yet again Randi [email protected] Insider/coke1(this webpage was thrown together this morning. Randi As you have discovered there is a lot to learn about Coke bottles. There are a few that are sought after by local collectors.

I have bottles from the following towns, and while some are easy to guess at, some are not. Fort Myers, FL – 1925, Charlotte, NC– 1915, Salisbury, NC – 1915 , Laurel, Miss – 1925.

The following bottles all date from 1932 to 1986 - Aiken, SC , Alexander, Al, Aliceville, AL , Amberdeen, SD , Andalusia, Ala , Annapolis, Mo, Avon Park, Fla , Beeville, Tex , Blytheville, Ark , Bristle, VA , Bryan, Texas , Chattanoogna, Tn , Cleveland, In, Columbia, Tenn , Columbus, GA , Emporia, VA , Fayetteville, Ark , Fayetteville, NC , Fayetteville, Va , Fulton, KY , Hinden, La, Houston, Tex , Knoxville, Tenn , Lynchburg, Va , Lynn, Mass, Mankato, Minn , Memphis, Tenn , Meridian Miss, Mobile, Ala , Natchitoches, La, New Bern, NC, Palo Alto, Calf, Pinebluff, Ark , Portsmouth, Va , Quincy, Fla , Ruskin, La, Sagamore, Mass, Seattle, Wash , Silver Dollar City, NC , Silver Springs, Tenn , Spartanburg, SC , St Paul, Minn , Tarpon Springs, Fla , Tulsa, Oka, Tuscaloosa, Ala , Waco, Tex , Washington, Ga , West Palm Beach Fla , Worchester, Mass I found a site, ( R2W.html).

Ben, As for prices, I am looking for help with that. Actually of the above mentioned bottles I have between 25-50 6 & 6 1/2 oz bottles that are between 19, then about 4-5 cases of 6 1/2 oz bottles between 19.

[:)] Let me know what you are looking for and I will see if I have it. Still have about 7 cases of 6 1/2 oz bottles to date, most of them will be in the 70's to 80's range.

The towns that have plants that are still in business are only worth a few bucks at best.

The plants that no longer exsist, you will have to research to see how long they have been closed. Thanks for the info - from the research I have done, I knew that the ALC's wouldn't be worth much.

I know common bottles are, if you are lucky, worth about a dollar.

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