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If you have never attended BBM previously and you wish to receive email alerts about registration and deadlines, please email the organizers at [email protected] be added to our mailing list.

ABack to top First generation mobile telephony systems using analogue signals, but with the digitisation of the control link between the mobile phone and the cell (transmission) sites.

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The Active/Passive Metering system actively reads video and audio codes embedded in the programme and is capable of producing audio signatures as a secondary identification method or as a back up.

User software that prevents Internet ads from being displayed.

Extension of 2G systems through use of 2.5G protocols providing additional features such as GPRS packet-switched connections and enhanced data rates.

Second generation mobile telephony systems offering better quality at lower costs to the consumer through the digitisation of the signal and supporting voice, low speed data connections and short messaging services. Third generation mobile telephony systems as result of further progress in cellular transmission technology leading to faster bit rates.

Lunch will be provided on Thursday in order to facilitate breakout sessions, however lunch will not be provided on Friday and you will instead be provided with ample time to enjoy free time and lunch around Harvard Square.

BBM includes both short format talks as well as poster sessions.

An organisation representing the interests of advertising agencies in the US. In the case of addresses taken from an establishment or other survey, the acceptance/installation rate is calculated by multiplying the acceptance/installation rate from the approached sample (or "recruitment pool") by the response rate to the survey from which the addresses were taken.

Precise operational definitions of the acceptance/installation rate can vary appreciably across different peoplemeter panels.

Advertising that is downloaded to the users browser.

(1) Any form of Internet advertisement that is successfully served to a users browser. The total count of ad impressions denotes the number of responses from an ad delivery system to requests from user browsers, ideally recorded as late as possible in the delivery to the users browser in order to be closest to actual OTS (opportunity to see).

Areas include use of biochemical and biophysical techniques to understand the structure and function of membranes and membrane-proteins.​ The List of Reviewers lists all present, whether permanent or temporary, to provide the full scope of expertise present on that date.

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