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However you do have the ability to change your search settings to only search for ladyboys.

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Speak slowly and in short sentences, do your best not to use big words. You will have the easiest shot finding ladyboys in Tokyo and it might be your best bet.

Be friendly and remember there is a big losing face culture here so never get upset or show disdain. But with how many are on Japan Cupid and My Ladyboy Date you can branch out.

There is not as big of a trans scene here as you will find in other places like Thailand or Brazil, but there are still enough around to suit your fancy.

You just need to know where to make contact with them, and then how to treat them on a date.

As far as dating Japanese newhalfs goes it should be pretty simple.

They likely won’t speak much English so if you don’t speak the local language keep your words simple.

But that might change by the time you want to sign up.

Since you can sign up for free and search for profiles in the city you are interested in you might as well check both sites out.

Most ladyboys in Japan (or any citizens really) don’t speak much if any English.

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