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Frustrated to the point of madness through being away from his wife, he gives in to temptation and sleeps with a fellow prisoner, who falls in love with him.

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The B in LGBT is not explored in cinema as much as the L, the G and, latterly, the T. Bisexual men and bisexual women are depicted very differently in cinema.

It stars singer Murray Head as a bisexual artist who embarks on simultaneous relationships with a Jewish doctor (Peter Finch) and a divorcee (Glenda Jackson) – both are aware that they are “sharing” their lover, but tolerate the set-up for fear of losing him.

The film is non-judgmental about its characters, and just four years after gay male relationships were partially legalised in the UK, its positive portrayal of a happy homosexual man was groundbreaking.

Sexual relationships between men in prison is usually restricted to brutal rape scenes, but William Dieterle’s silent drama Sex in Chains, outrageous title notwithstanding, is far more sensitive.

After accidentally killing a man who was hassling his wife, Franz (played by Dieterle) is jailed for three years.Sunday Bloody Sunday won BAFTAs for best film, best director (John Schlesinger), and for the performances of Finch and Jackson.Eagle-eyed viewers will spot the film debut of Daniel Day-Lewis, in a small role as a vandal.They then hightail it to the Riviera with the older woman’s rather weird gay male cronies, but their bohemian idyll is torn apart by the arrival of a handsome architect (Jean-Louis Trintignant).The visitor has a sexual liaison with Why, before Frédérique makes her move and embarks on a relationship with him herself, to the chagrin of Why.Often, if bi females are portrayed at all, they are as monsters (pick any European vampire film at random from the 1960s and 70s) or as titillating sex pots (pick any DVD at random from your sex shop).

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