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All y'all babies of the family out there already know that you're adorable, and don't need science to tell you that.But further studies show that the youngest in a family tend to be more creative, more attention-seeking, and generally more bold (and manipulative) socially than their older siblings.It only makes sense that it might determine what kind of person meshes well with your unique personality.

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She'd bite you if you were.)What I'm saying is that a huge part of what you experience, and how you react to those experiences, is based on what order you were born into your family.

It only follows that its effect on your experiences would also affect the kind of person you would end up with.

Studies show that middle children tend to be more laid-back and serve the role of the family peacekeepers.

According to the book The Secret Power of Middle Children, middle kids also tend to be more open-minded and rebellious than their siblings.

Check Out The Birth Order Book: Why You Are The Way You Are, $13.98, Amazon By now, there have been so many studies on the characteristics of oldest children that it doesn't come as too much of a shock that they are found to be more driven.

Female firstborns in particular are found to be statistically more likely to be the most qualified in their families, and the most ambitious about their careers.

Think about it — the parents one child is born to are certainly not the same parents another kid is born into.

My older brother was born to parents who had relatively minimal experience with babies, had never used the Internet, and who had only been married for two years before he was born.

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