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s heretofore best known as the sole female in Seth Rogen's perpetually stoned 'Knocked Up' entourage, is garnering big buzz for her tiny film, 'Paper Heart' -- a charming, disarming and line-blurring documentary-narrative hybrid film about one skeptical girl's quest to discover whether true love really is possible.Half a documentary, in which Yi travels across America interviewing real-life romance novelists, professors, and Average Joes and Janes for their take on the Big-L, and half a scripted narrative, in which Yi plays a fictionalized version of herself who falls for a fictionalized version of 'Superbad' star Michael Cera, the film (which opens in limited release Aug. I figured everyone's an actor, everyone's done commercials and stuff.

What inspired you to make that, and how'd you get Channing on board?

I was actually a fan of his from -- and he gets embarrassed, because I brought it up -- 'She's the Man.' I think he's funny in it because it's hard to be the straight man.

The only reason they broke up, though, was because he had to move to LA to get his ~career~ started.

Even if it were true that he doesn't remember this happening, it would go to show how mundane and routine this racism really is, like not remembering to simply buy milk from the store even though there's a fresh carton in the fridge. So many people (upvoted quite a bit), unquestionably side with Cross and accuse Yi of being some sort of oversensitive harpy.

And they gave me so many chances to improvise, and everything that would come out of my mouth was not funny until like the end, when I said one thing. And then, when I did get the job, I said my lines very stiffly -- like,"Hi. " I was like, "I don't remember." He was like, "You know what? That's all." But for some reason they gave me so many chances. And then, even on set they could have been like, "This part is completely irrelevant to the film.

Why would we give her 10 minutes to improvise whatever she wants?I think we exaggerated that for purposes of the narrative. What's strange is that when we were writing the narrative we were like, "Oh, Charlyne's character won't change through other people's stories" ... In the beginning -- I think I was like 19 when I came up with the idea for the documentary -- I think I was more naïve than I was skeptical or bitter or cynical. " [Laughs] It's just so silly to overreact over something like that.I came up with the idea of making the documentary, capturing real love stories. And just the uncertainty of knowing what love is ... Through talking to people and seeing these really long relationships ... And I think every time I interviewed someone I'd get chills and go, "Oh my God, that's a really good story." -- because we would hang out with them for hours, shooting and setting up in their house. You can't help but feel more affected than watching a fictional film because these people are real.We came across the Charlyne Yi/Michael Cera rumours on a gossip blog back when the rumours started and she laughed and said, "Yeah right, she's not his type."But I never inquired further. D: Apparently, according to Katie, the girl he dated all through highschool was a really bitchy white girl who kind of treated him like crap. I'm hoping to be plastered by the time I see Michael Cera. And his defense is that he was being a Southern racist "character", so it's her fault for not being able to take a joke?

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