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Separate the cushion from the base and place a towel in there and then slide your cock in and start humping away.Might not technically be masturbating but I guarantee you will cum hard!

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Try using the palm in a gentle circular motion for example to increase the endorphins. An old favourite this one and one that everyone knows.

Sit on your hand for about 15 to 20 minutes till it goes numb then grip your cock and start wanking.

If you can fit both hands side by side you’re just showing off but kudos!

However, 90% of mere mortals can’t so this technique involves “trapping” your shaft between your palms and starting to stroke.3 – Twist your fist. This mixes up the cum inside them and keeps it “firing” to create a wonderful sensation.

I’m guessing 99% if you only use your left or right hand but using your weaker hand can actually be quite pleasurable.

Sometimes called your hands twin, it can be a unique and totally different feeling to use your other hand.Just you and your favourite pictures, tube videos or fantasies in your head. That special way that you figure out how best to get yourself off and the most enjoyable way for you to cum.However, every once in a while you just feel like something a little bit different.You can thrust into it or have it thrust against you, whichever you prefer but it will give a very life-like experience.18 – Stop-Start method.Instead of going at it hammer and tongs and cumming as quickly as possible, instead of slowing down when you are close to orgasm.They can be extremely sensitive and create a heightened sense of pleasure. The soft skin is largely untouched by the elements and still silky to the touch and will make your dick bounce and throb! Most of the time you probably jerk off lying on your back so for a change, try it on all fours or kneeling down.

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