Chloe green dating ollie and spencer vanessa simmons dating history

This series continues Spencer's interest in Caggie and whether they can formulate a relationship, culminating at Christmas.

It also notably expands Spencer's close friendship circle beyond Hugo, introducing his other best friends, the "boys" Jamie Laing, shortly followed by Oliver Proudlock.

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Despite telling Millie in confidence, Millie passes the information on to Spencer at the polo match as he bids Caggie a goodbye, and the two kiss.

Comforted by Hugo, he tells him how he's always loved Caggie, and encouraged by Hugo, Spencer decides he can't let Caggie go to New York without trying to stop her.

Spencer confronts Francis at the gig for Andy's birthday, and asserts there's no need for them to work out how to get along.

After phoning Jamie, Spencer invites himself to the estate agents where Jamie, Proudlock and Francis have just signed contracts, despite telling Jamie to wait for him. That night, Lucy's revelation that Spencer texted her the day after he and Louise broke up temporarily leads to an argument during their dinner date, with Spencer walking out of the restaurant.

Spencer now has a feud with Francis after he failed to speak to Spencer about the rumours first - though claims he has never liked him.

Meeting Jamie and Proudlock for lunch, he finds out they've picked living with Francis over him.

Spencer then questions why she's withdrawn and that she never wants to socialise, leading to another argument.

Spencer goes out with Hugo anyway, and they decide to throw Caggie a surprise birthday get away to Cannes.

He was last seen suggesting a date with Jess Woodley, but departed the series to join ITV's I'm a Celebrity... as a contestant, Spencer appeared in all eight episodes of the first series, initially with his then-girlfriend Funda Onal, and often alongside best friend Hugo Taylor.

Despite his relationship with Funda, upon Caggie Dunlop re-entering his life he commented he expected that he and Caggie would hook up at some point within their lives.

The series begins with Spencer again at the airport, awaiting a flight from New York, except it isn't Caggie he's meeting, it's Jamie who has just returned from a summer of holidaying.

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