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Michael: You'll notice I didn't have anybody be an Arab.

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Every time black people want to have a good time, some ignant ass...

Michael: [Bleep] They always want credit for something they supposed to do!

Dwight: [Having been assigned "Asian" as his race] Lots of cultures eat rice. [Goes over to Pam, who has been assigned with "Jewish"] Shalom!

Come on, Olympics of suffering right here - Slavery vs. Stanley: [Removes his card] I know I'm not supposed to look, but who am I supposed to be? Michael: That was inadvertent, we didn't actually plan that.

So on my recent hotel stay, I was rather excited to have access to HBO. This combination of race and gender is noteworthy because, although interracial marriages are relatively rare overall, those of black women to white men are rarer still. Although this is a marked increase from 40 years ago, it is still a very low percentage.) In the last 27 years, despite enormous social shifts in American society, there is nothing approaching equality in terms of the ratios of black men and women who choose white spouses.

I salivated when I saw an advertisement for comedian Chris Rock's "Kill the Messenger" special on that channel. (The most recent census data put these unions at about 7% of all U. Looking at the graph below, you will see that the black female/white male pairings of today are about what they were 30 years ago for black male/white female dyads. Even when we look at interracial cohabitation, black men are far more likely than black women to be living with a white partner of the opposite sex.And this treat was the impetus for getting back to the hotel by one evening. Without giving it away, Rock tries to answer the following question: Why are more black men romantically paired with white women than black women are with white men? (The blue line represents black husband/white wife). In fact, 82% of blacks cohabiting with whites are male. As I contemplate this question, I can’t help but reflect on my own experiences in the world of dating.In other words, today, white men and black women marry at about the same rate that black men and white women married about three decades ago. When I attended USC—which had, and still has, a majority white student body—I felt invisible to white men—completely and totally invisible. And a fellow first year graduate student once gave me a lift home on his motorcycle.I chose to wear my hair in braids, before cutting it to little more than peach fuzz.Neither of these hairstyles created a look reminiscent of “the average girl from the video” or those on magazine covers. Dwight: Excuse me, I'm sorry, but that's not all it takes to be a hero.

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