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You may see the truth that they are presenting but whenever this subject is brought up you shut down because you feel personally attacked.“When you talk to me like this I understand where you are coming from but I feel you have something personally against me and it makes me want to shut down.

If the other person asks you can give you opinion or if they crossed a personal boundary (badmouthing you in front of others for example) you should address that.

“I really want to change in those areas you mentioned.

Two months later at the beginning of my summer break, I underwent reconstructive surgery.

“Being single, I had no spouse to drive me, run errands, lift items above my shoulders.

Granted, believers in Christ are never alone in any illness, whether it’s cancer, dementia, or some other horrible disease.

But marital status can’t help but refine the experience, since “in sickness and in health” remains a vital component of, well, healthy marriages.No Shadow of Turning Take the experience of Charlotte Medley, for example.Office manager for a Dallas, Texas-based nonprofit, Medley was first diagnosed in 2004 with Ductal Carcinoma in Situ, a form of breast cancer.If you could take me aside in private instead of badmouthing me to my friends I think I would be more receptive to what you are saying.” Good luck! If so click the link below and re-post it to Facebook, Twitter, or your own Word Press!A significant part of the Christian single life consists of fighting temptations. (First go LIKE us on FACEBOOK) To begin with you need to start listening. Stop planning what you are going to say next and really think about what the other person is saying.

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