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And as a computer science major, I'm certainly unqualified to answer it.So here's our philosophy: All of these disorders are toxic, they're all untreatable, and they all follow the cycle of idealize, devalue, discard. Not just a label, but a specific pattern of extremely manipulative & hurtful behavior.It was like being set free, finally not caring what was going on in his life and certainly not caring what he thought about mine. For the first time since meeting him, I was living life for myself again.

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In a psychopathic relationship, you are not allowed to have emotions or be hurt by anything they do, otherwise you know you can be replaced in a heartbeat.

This is because the psychopath punished you when you stood up for yourself, conditioning you with the silent treatment whenever you expressed your feelings.

Ever since I left that world behind, my sanity returned and my dreams started coming true. They do not want help, because they believe themselves to be superior to “regular” human beings.

Helpful reading: Torture by Triangulation A Letter to the Other Woman 3 Characters in the Psychopath's Love Triangle The Transitional Target 3. What if they're really a good person now, and the problem was just specific to our relationship? You do not have to worry that they're a changed man or woman, because they're not.

What was the point of dragging it out until the bitter end? At some point I need to forgive the psychopath, right? You might think, “If only I hadn't reacted that way, then we'd still be together.” You might think, “If I forgive them and forget about all this psychopathy stuff, then I'll finally feel better.” These thoughts are normal, but please do not act on them.

Okay, I understand the whole psychopath thing, so how can I start trusting again, knowing these people exist? It makes complete sense that you'd continue to doubt yourself in the aftermath of the breakup.I thought the breakup would be the final validation, but it made me feel worse. Because my healing was still centered around someone else instead of myself.Once I finally closed those doors for good, I never looked back. What if they're really a good person now, and the problem was just specific to our relationship? What's the difference between a psychopath, sociopath, and narcissist? Don't I need to acknowledge my role in all of this? The thought of being in the same room as them makes you feel physically sick, because you finally see what a monster they truly are. You'll look back on them with absolute disgust, seeing someone who represents everything you are not.And the only way to get there is through no contact & no cyber peeking.

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