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The data in this post comes from the following sources: Where my memory fails me and I don’t have an offer letter, I’ve made an attempt to guess the salary range I had at the time.The table below contains all of my salary (and some other compensation history).When Radnet closed down, my manager ended up at Matrix One and asked if I would like to join him.

I got this job because the woman who used to babysit me as a child was running human resources at the company.

My official title was webmaster, and I thought I would be coming in to run the company website.

I did not include any restricted stock units I might have received because I only ever received them at Yahoo as part of my initial offer.

The data alone doesn’t really tell the full story, so here are the details around each position.

Usually it’s with the warning that, “not everyone is getting what you’re getting, and we don’t want to hurt feelings.” It took me a long time to realize that the “hurt feelings” they’re talking about come from an overall lack of transparency into the compensation process, and that simply explaining why people are compensated in certain ways would be a better solution than to hide all of the information from everyone.

Yes, there will always be people who think they deserve to be making more but who don’t actually deserve it.

And while I could just share my last salary, I don’t think that’s very useful, especially when compared with the variety of already-available sources of information online.

No, to be useful, I felt like I would need to reveal my entire salary history so people can determine for themselves if they’re seeing enough improvement in their salaries over time.

I’ve also included how I came to work at each company, as I think it’s important to recognize blind resume submissions from having contacts as a company. This undoubtedly affected my pay positively due to the higher cost of living in California.

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