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If she were to consolidate those loans, a legitimate lender would calculate her new interest rate using the following formula: (,500 x 3.6%) (,500 x 6.8%) / (,500 ,500) = 5.68%. While the overall interest rate on the consolidated loan is less than the 6.8% Marisa was paying on the ,500 loan, it's significantly more than the 3.6% she was paying on the ,500 loan.

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Consolidating private education loans

So overall you'll be paying about the same or perhaps just slightly more for your new, consolidated loan.

Marisa is paying 3.6% on a $3,500 Stafford loan and 6.8% on a $6,500 Stafford loan.

Student loan consolidation is a process through which you take out a new loan, which is then used to pay off your other existing student loans.

Instead of having multiple loans and loan payments, you have only one.

But first you need to be sure if you're eligible to consolidate.

While you do not need to meet any minimum for combining debt under the federal Direct Consolidation Loan program, private lenders and loan companies tend to demand a minimum loan balance.

Get your credit score from all the three major companies who make your kids.

Be sure to compare costs and interest rates especially.

Loan Consolidation is often a good switch a quantity of levels. It really relies on your situation financially and the Student Loan consolidation center.

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