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And this is how a thousand loan can balloon to 0 thousand in a few years.Related: The Effect of Capitalized Interest on a Student Loan (And What You Can Do To Stop It) Having made the case for rehabilitation over consolidation, let me say this: There is some evidence that many people who rehabilitate their loans end up defaulting again.Related: Basically, if you had to choose, you’d much rather default on a private student loan then a federal student loan.

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Instead, focus on taking steps to get out of default.

Quick Navigation TL; DR: Use rehabilitation (9 months) or loan consolidation (3 months) to get out of default with your federal student loans. It waives collection costs and removes default status from credit reports.

The easiest way to find out who has your defaulted federal student loans is to contact the Department of Education’s Default Resolution Group.

When you call, they will give you the contact information for the collection agency that has your defaulted student loans.

You have to return the loan to good standing to qualify for the loan forgiveness programs.

Your options for getting out of default depends on whether your loan is…. When you default on a private student loan, you may be able to bring your loan back to good standing by: The Department of Education offers two realistic options to get out default: loan rehabilitation and loan consolidation.

You can contact the Default Resolution Group at: But once we get past these similarities, the consequences of defaulting are drastic depending on whether you defaulted on a private or a federal loan.

With a private loan, there’s only one way for the collection agency or loan servicer to forcefully get money from you: suing you in state court, getting a judgment, and then getting permission from the court to garnish your wages.

Having said that, you can be arrested for not ignoring a court order.

So if you’re sued for a student loan, and the judge orders you to do something, do it. Oh before I forget, there’s one other consequence of defaulting on a federal student loan: the loan you’ve defaulted on isn’t eligible for loan forgiveness programs like Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) or Income-Driven Repayment forgiveness.

In case you’re wondering, the interest rate on your consolidation loan will be the weighted average of the loans you consolidated.

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