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“It is similar to [Kurt Cobain’s] diary in that it will be comprised in part of direct reproductions of her diary pages . And Hank Harrison, Linda’s estranged first husband and Courtney’s estranged bio dad, plans to publish his retort, tentatively titled Love Kills: The Assassination of Kurt Cobain (Arkives Press), in Dirty Blonde‘s publicity slipstream.“I will prevail in this debate,” Hank insists, promising to deliver his not widely shared views on Cobain’s death, a counterbalance to Linda’s “maudlin diatribe,” the identity of Linda’s actual father, plus “dozens of pictures never before seen by anybody.” But the family’s penchant for squabbling in print predates the Oprah Book Club era.“She answered the door and said, ‘Are you a Jehovah’s Witness? She was very cold.” This opinion is shared by Elsie’s daughter, Paula Fox (Linda’s mother).

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Linda, in extensive and exclusive interviews granted to Seattle Weekly, reveals the deep roots of Courtney’s outrageous public behavior and speculates on the future of the Fox/Carroll/Love/Cobain family.

The story begins with Elsie Fox; she was Linda’s grandmother and Courtney’s great-grandmother (see family tree), though neither one knew she existed until 13 years ago.

In November, Courtney publishes Dirty Blonde: The Diaries of Courtney Love, the lead fall title for prestigious Farrar Straus Giroux’s Faber imprint.

“It’s not intended as any kind of reply to her mother’s book,” says her editor, Denise Oswald. a bricolage, to borrow from the avant-gardists to whom Courtney is certainly an heir, of original diary entries that span from her childhood to the present day alongside a startling array of personal artifacts.” Expect snapshots, couture photography, correspondence, juvenile justice records, medical forms, and original artwork.

Courtney has mouthed off about her parents for decades.

Having kept mum for years, Courtney’s mom, Linda Carroll, an Oregon therapist, just published Her Mother’s Daughter: A Memoir of the Mother I Never Knew and of My Daughter, Courtney Love (Doubleday, .95).

“I think what’s fascinating is that Courtney has this showbiz life inside her that emerged with no knowledge that it was in her background.” Seven decades before Courtney grabbed Quentin Tarantino’s Oscar for Pulp Fiction at a wild Hollywood party, Elsie was hitting the fast lane with Fairbanks, the Australopithecus of Hollywood party animals.

“Humphrey Bogart once threw my grandmother in a lake,” says Linda. “My grandmother was quite awful.” Was she simply outspoken, ahead of her times? She was really mean.” Linda recently looked up Elsie, a nonagenarian in Nantucket.

“I always had the two polarities in my mind: Is she a queen, or is she a witch?

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