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The Specific Decay Rate (SDR) is known to be only 16.1 / – 0.5 disintegrations per gram per minute.” (see article by Sewell here) What’s the significance?

Any serious evolutionist knows that even molecules have to evolve, so starting with a good dose of Big Bang Hydrogen and evolving through Carbon 12 and eventually heavy elements, planet earth, life and radioactive Carbon 14 which took millions of years, there should have been plenty of time for C14/C12 to reach equilibrium, even if we started with no carbon 14 in earth’s atmosphere.

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Applying this to C14, in order for the method to work, the system has to have been in operation long enough (millions of years) for the atmospheric Carbon 14 be in dynamic equilibrium i.e.

the rate of formation of the radioactive C14 has to equal the rate at which it is decaying so that a constant level is maintained.

We are glad to report that Nature News 18 October 2012 and Science Daily 19 October 2012 report that the Carbon 14 method is in need of an overhaul – something we have been saying for years.

We guarantee our answer below will stretch your grey cells, but you will find it well worthwhile to endure to the end.

According to Science Daily, “Since the formation of C14 is affected by Earth’s magnetic field and solar activity and is therefore not constant, this relative time scale has no absolute timestamp in calendar years.” Links: Nature News, Science Daily So at best we can comment Ramsey’s team is adding the assumption that one set of layers formed per year to supplement/reinforce the assumption C14 has formed at a constant rate, and we predict in the end both of these assumptions will be their undoing.

But there are several more unstated assumptions in carbon 14 dating apart from the ones admitted above.For it to work the simple mathematical reality of solving all equations with one unknown produces the following conundrum.The left hand side of an equation has to balance against the right hand side so that when we state 3X = 9, the unknown X can easily be calculated.So what to do with an atmosphere in which C14/C12 is not yet in equilibrium?The obvious implication is the atmosphere is not as old as commonly believed.We put this to former Los Alamos Nuclear Physicist Dr Tom Hayward and asked him to calculate how long it would take to build C14 up to its current level starting from zero, and to graph the results for us.

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