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Though he played well and in the last of the season he was able to bring 146 RBI and 251 batting average score.He played soo well and lead the Phillies to the division title and the post-season.He has marvelously played all of the games and was able to record new highest score within MNP season in 2006.

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In an interview that aired during the launch show, she told Big Brother that "I am not an It girl, I am 'it'." At Mario and Stephanie's "wedding" in week one, Alexandra was the only housemate to object, having correctly identified the marriage as a sham.

She created a large amount of controversy owing to her aggressive nature and was accused of bullying.

Howard was named to 2009 All-Star team and also competed in the Home Run Derby.

Through 2011, Howard has maintained the fourth position among all active major leaguers.

In minor-league Howard signed with the Atlanta Braves.

However, On May 8 he has hit just 184 with one home run and 11 strikeouts in 42 plate appearances in the match with Gwinnett.The Name Leo Little came from Leo Little's Big Show. His real name is Leo Howard and in 2011 he turned 14. Alexandra is a single mother who became pregnant when she was 15 years old; she has a daughter.She was raised as a Christian but converted to Islam.Alexandra describes herself as quirky, outgoing and a go-getter, and hates to be bored.On July 8, 2013, Howard has missed 6–8 weeks with a torn left meniscus and was under arthroscopic surgery to repair the tear. He has hit 266, with 11 home runs and 43 RBI, also in the time of his injury. As they had hit of the three-run home run for the 1,000th RBI with an eventual loss to the New York Mets.

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