Dating a browning auto 5

Browning’s bust between “TRADE” and “MARK”96144 – 995001935 99501 - 1035001936 The "Sweet Sixteen" was released but limited to a test market.103501 – 105850*1937* Introduction of the “Sweet Sixteen” sale to the public.

Barrel Rib four possibilities in 1937: none, solid (hollow) rib, ventilated rib with X posts or matted finish for Sweet Sixteen (SV page 98) Barrel Ring as before or drilled with three holes on the barrels of Sweet Sixteen Safety Gold plated (Sweet Sixteen only) Trigger Gold plated (Sweet Sixteen only) Misc. No serial number distinction between the Sweet 16 and the Standard 16 gauge A5s.105850 – 111000 1938: 111001 – 1182001939: 118201 – 1261231940: 126124 – 126175****1940 – 1953**** "A" Prefix serial number on the side of the receiver, American made Browning by “Remington Arms.” 1944-1948 Post war Liberation guns, Serial number 128117-128646 "are so out of sequence there is no way to establish accurate production dates" S/V p76[b] 1944: 126201 1948: 1317381947 Post war Belgium made “X Prefix Series.” No serial number distinction between the Sweet 16 and the Standard 16 gauge A5.

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68S = 1968, 76S = 19761976 Japanese Production Began, however, FN still produced Browning “Made in Belgium” shotguns into 1984, SV p65.

The serial number coding system changed to the serial number preceding the date code.

I found three different lists but these dates seem to be the best.

My experience has been that you are correct in guessing along with us that your gun is dated 1951.

The popularity and success of the Sweet Sixteen from 1937 through 1947 earned it a permanent place in Browning marketing as the 1948 engraved “Sweet Sixteen.” 1947 is also the only year the 3 shot 2 ¾ 16ga was marketed in the USA.

Getting one of these extremely rare original factory issued guns at a standard gun price is a trophy in itself.

1947 – 1953 “X Prefix Series”1947: X1001 - X13666 1948: X13667 - X23501 1949: X23502 – X34600 1950: X34601 – X43700 1951: X43701 – X59400 1952: X59401 - X77700 1953: X77701 – X99999 1948 Introduction of the “Sweet Sixteen” in script engraved on the receiver.

Prior to 1948 no sweet 16 was factory engraved “Sweet Sixteen.” Glen Jensen, Browning Historian took the position with me that the true “Sweet Sixteen” was born when the receiver was engraved “Sweet Sixteen” in 1948.

This is the “unmarked” Browning, era of the Sweet Sixteen.

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