Dating a christian scientist

Eddy reasoned that since God is good and God is everywhere, good must be everywhere, therefore evil could not be anywhere.

If evil does not exist, sickness or disease could not exist either. Since evil exists only in the minds of humans it must be removed by right teaching and right thought, which the church teaches comes only from Christian Science.

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As a result, until the turn of the century about half of all children born did not live to see their 21st birthday (Magner, 1992).

It was no wonder that many people turned to Christian Science in the late 1800’s.

Historians, though, attribute many of her ideas to a man that she once worked with and studied under, Phineas P. Quimby was an uneducated clock maker who eventually became a mesmerist and a faith healer of sorts.

He once traveled around the country in a covered wagon selling a cure-all today derisively called snake oil (Sikorsky, 1979).

Christian Science literature, which is available in their reading rooms and is often given out in airports and other places where the public gathers, contains thousands of anecdotal accounts of how people were able to overcome the illusion of illness and become healed. Eddy concluded that illness and death are both illusions that can be overcome by the application of faith in God’s complete perfection.

Christian Science focuses on helping their followers look beyond the “false appearances of the material world to see the real world, which is God’s total perfection.” The Christian Science healing doctrine is poignantly nonsensical in view of their belief that “man is not matter ..He later concluded that neither his nor anyone else’s medicine heals because only the mind heals, and soon started lecturing on “the power of the mind” to heal.The Christian Science Church is today a century old mainstream denomination with an estimated 2,400 churches in 70 countries.October 2001 by Gerald Bergman, Ph D Many modern religions make specific claims which are incongruent with reality and the results of scientific research.One of the best examples is religion-motivated medical neglect which in one church congregation alone resulted in the death of at least 64 children from 1975 to 1995 (Asser and Swan, 1998).How Christian Science ideas developed Christian Science was founded at a time when medicine was in its infancy, and although doctors could probably diagnose most diseases fairly accurately, they often could do little to cure them until the 1930s and 1940s when antibiotics were developed.

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