Dating a senior in college

For whatever reason (maturity level, how old I look maybe) I seem to attract girls that are around 20 years old.Normally I go for girls within 2-3 years of my age but this situation is weird for me.

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If you're looking only at numbers, 3-4 years isn't that much, but when you consider how much people change in even their first years of university, you realize the difference is the gap in maturity The maturity is a big thing.

The younger you are, the bigger that age difference is, because, relatively speaking, you've had many more experiences than the younger person. Comparatively, if you are 50, you can date someone who is 32.

My second question is am I confusing her flirting with me, liking to talk to me, etc. Do you want to be her bf during all the stupid crap she is going to want to do her first year of college? And she should do all that crap because that is one of the few rituals middle class America has to signify "growing up" Stick to 21 and up. It's probably some kind of desperation setting in because I haven't gone on a date in forever and all the other girls I've liked and asked out never paid off.

Right now I'm talking to a girl who's 22 and we're completely opposite when it comes to watching sports, I'll have to wait and see what happens.

) but this is the first girl in awhile that I've had some kind of chemistry with, minus the age difference this seems like a good chance for me to give dating another go. the reason not to date someone younger than you is incompatibility, and if you seem to be compatible then what's the problem? Unless we talk more and my feelings change that's how it will probably be.

If she wasn't comfortable with it or her friends weren't I'd understand. One thing to keep in mind is she's likely to change a lot in the upcoming years so don't expect her to be static Yes, she is too young. I feel kinda bad because we exchanged number 2-3 weeks back but I never tried contacting her once.

However, with some courage and planning ahead, you just might be able to attract that special someone.

As a freshman dating a senior, I've noticed quite a few differences that have stuck out.

My first question for you is should I stop going after this girl and look for other girls my age?

Honestly I'd feel more comfortable with a 2-3 year age gap (not 7! Well I was thinking, I don't see myself pursuing a serious relationship with this girl.

We seem to click pretty well and comfortable talking with each other.

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