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I’m just saying it took me a long time to realize that I was least nervous about the ones I was least excited about. If she's not a jerk, she'll jump on them to keep the conversation going.4 - be REASSURING.

Just don’t let your anxiety silence you and make you afraid to do anything.1 - she is there because she's interested, stop selling;2 - she wants this to work also; let her participate in the workload of making it interesting, you're not playing solo guitar, the two of you are jamming;3 - have the following list of questions ready: a) where were you born? Everybody is nervous on a date - so she's hoping you will put her at ease.

Hey, 19 year old dude here, I'm rather socially active, I consider myself good or atleast ok looking, but I'm INCREDIBLY nervous around girls.

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I have brothers your age and I just want to hug them and say to every lady: 'he's such a great catch!!!

' but apparently that's hideously embarrassing or something. As a woman, I always think it's kinda cute and somewhat flattering when a guy is a bit nervous on a first date. Do like webbyduck suggests, and take a series of deep breathes at regular intervals -- that always helps.

I guess the fact that I'm studying in an all guy class doesn't help either since now basically the only girls my age I communicate with are girlfriends of my friends.

If it helps, I'm a 35 year old woman and I still get those warm fuzzies before a date, or rather, the 'stress taco shits'. Nowadays I go into social interactions with the feeling that if I have learnt one new thing or figured out more about life from a different perspective, than it is okay.

If something isn't working, go in a different direction using your instincts. If I have a good time I'll text her after about a next date. I don't start getting nervous until that stage a few dates in when I feel more invested and interested but it's still before a strong relationship is formed.

If you have a natural chemistry with her, things should flow nicely. Yothat zone where it feels like she could still change her mind about me easily but before I think that it's unlikely she will. The whole fake it til you make it thing helped me tho. But seeming nervous for a date is much better than seeming like you don't give a shit so whoever it is will hopefully see that and see that you're just nervous cuz you're interested in them.

I personally find it charming when a man is nervous because it probably means that he doesn't do it often and I'm not one of many, that I'm a bit special and that he isn't throwing out the same old lines to every lady. I would so much rather have mr nervous than smooth dude.

TIPS: Breathe in (count 4) breathe out (count 4) It's just a date, that's all It really is just a date The 'worst' probably won't happen You seem like a great guy.

Talking to my friends, it seems that most of us still get horribly nervous over a date, after all this could be THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE..... Rarely do I imagine that scary rest of my life scenario, because, it probably won't be and if it isn't, that's cool, I still have my hobbies and friends. I visibly shake on dates and get so nervous my old stutter comes out.

I've been a model and so on and people seem to think that this should make a difference when it comes to confidence, but I'm still putting myself out there, weird steam train hobby and all.

Sounds like you do better than I did when I first started dating...

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