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I still love him very much but I am beginning to understand why we can't or shouldn't be together. But it'll come from him and then you can decide where you're at. Sometimes people think they can do something, but their issues are so great, they can't. Can you accept that he probably doesn't even know himself? He literally walked away from 2 1/2 years without a word about why or anything like "thanks for the good times." There wasn't a single conversation and it all just seems so unresolved. But he just wasn't there and couldn't bring himself to admit that to you or let you down or hurt you or deal with that kind of conflict or confrontation. I know it's hard to not have that last conversation, but clearly, he didn't want it and couldn't do it. When we return he comes to stay with me and my son for a couple weeks before leaving for good.

It's heart-wrenching any time a relationship ends where we've invested so much of ourselves.

But it's even more painful when the goodbyes are never actually said; when it suddenly becomes clear that it's over, but we don't really know why.

He talked of marriage in May, wedding rings, being a step dad to my 14 year son, etc.

We went on vacations and spent lots of great time together.

He courted me like it was the very beginning, doing things he had never done before.

He professed his love and commitment on a daily basis.He; however, had severe commitment issues as a result of a divorce 7 years ago which he is still coming to terms with (no kids).During a period where he was dealing with some major work challenges (last August) we broke up because he was just unable to be a good partner to me with everything else going on.All the declarations of love stop, seemingly overnight.He sells his house in Florida and we go on a trip to Ireland.If you've been there, if you've gone through this, I'm sure she would appreciate any words of encouragement from you.

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