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The mataqali consists of different levels, which are based upon the duty performed by the member: Turuga: the chiefly and highest position in a village, tribe, or clan Sauturaga: supporter of the chief, enforces his commands and has final say in the choosing of the next chief Mata ni vanua: in charge of ceremonial functions and are the official heralds of the village Bete: the priest class Bati: the warrior class Dau and Matai: the specialized skilled and crafts people The mataqali are also subdivided into tokatoka, each of which consists of closely-related families.

Even the substance of a casual conversation will be vividly recalled over a long period of time.

South Pacific islands have their own slow tempo and Fiji is no exception.

Indigenous Fijian culture is made up of a great variety of traditional language, art, music, food, clothing and folklore.

This culture also gives high importance to the family unit.

If the bus is late (or doesn’t show up at all), don’t worry: there will be others.

The Fiji Bitter you ordered may be slow in being served, but it will come and it will be cold.

Weaving material mostly consists of coconut and pandanus, which are used to create lovely and intricate mats, hats, baskets and so on.

There is also an art gallery in Savusavu on Vanua Levu where you can see a wide variety of gorgeous Fijian art.

Fijians, who ironically were the fiercest cannibals in the South Pacific just over 100 years ago, are so gentle and kind that some visitors may even doubt the islanders’ sincerity.

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