Dating aquarius expect dating in norway for girl

We prefer a sentimental homemade gift over expensive jewelry.When it’s time to get gifts, an Aquarius girl would totally love a thoughtful mixed CD over a tacky bracelet, unless the bracelet had something of personal meaning engraved.When it comes to our own lives, we find it difficult to be “open books,” especially in a new relationship.

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When she's not writing, she enjoys making her phone run out of memory after taking too many photos of her dog.

Without a doubt, Aquarius men are one of the most cerebral of the zodiac signs.

It is very important for Aquarian men to know who their partners are before they jump in to the intimacy of a romantic bond with them.

Another strong characteristic of Aquarian men is their need for independence.

Thus, we won’t break any banks when in a relationship.

We typically prefer considerate gifts over flashy ones, which some men might have a hard time understanding — especially if it’s their first relationship with an Aquarian. We’re typically always creating something, and even if we date someone and it’s a dud, we’d prefer to channel the experience into creating a new character in a screenplay or a novel, instead of sitting around and lament about our bad luck with men. I know, I know — everyone hates getting into fights.We’re totally fine spending a Friday staying in, and don’t need a weekly (or monthly) date night to be happy in a relationship.In short, we’re totally fine with a guy who backs off every once in a while.We communicate best in writing, as a way to get our thoughts and solutions out in a way that’s less emotionally charged. Even though we can occasionally be judgmental, we always give people a fair chance when we get to meet them.We’re open to dating all types of different men, and typically love meeting others who march to the beat of their own drum.While this definitely makes our dating life pretty interesting, the guy who chooses to combat these hurdles will later realize that our intentions are always good, our goal is never to offend anyone, and we know we’re fickle and don’t like it, either.

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