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John Ross harbors some resentment towards both of his parents: towards J. for not having been around much when he was young, and towards Sue Ellen for having kept him tucked away in boarding schools for most of his life.

John Ross treats life as a game of chess and does his best to stay a step ahead of everyone. "I don't see John Ross as a bad guy," Henderson said. At the beginning he was very much, ‘I need to prove myself. Obviously when JR passes it’s a brand new John Ross all over again.

Taking advice from Hagman himself, Henderson's John Ross relishes being bad and savors every moment of it. You’re going to see him change and to continue to change and evolve, which is great as an actor, it’s just sad that these circumstances are what they are." From the first episode in the continuation, John Ross and Christopher are at one another's throats as they nearly come to blows at Christopher's wedding.

"Whether John Ross is headed into a corner or he's trying to get under someone's skin," John Ross views everything as a "challenge.""I feel like I know exactly how he would respond to everything that’s in his way. Their feud and cousin and sibling rivalry is passed on by JR and Bobby Ewing who has been feuding over their oil company for years. While he manipulates everyone else in his life, John Ross hopes Elena can serve as his way to escape from the scheming and manipulation.

However, Elena has trouble with John Ross's business tactics.

In season 1 John Ross focuses on trying to impress his father while maintaining his relationship with Elena and achieving his goal of taking over the family empire. John Ross is left asking the question, 'Why did you leave me?

"He goes through a lot, and stuff gets really intense" Henderson said when asked to give a preview of the season. John Ross puts on a "front" as if he tries to convince himself that he is "just as conniving and slick" as his father; however, once he goes down this path, he realizes he needs J. " John Ross gets to a point where he is no longer concerned for his own well being. But, he is not confident in his ability to accomplish that task.

Henderson told Access Hollywood that John Ross decided not to attend college.

Instead, he traveled to Nashville to pursue a career in music.

John Ross Ewing III is a fictional character from the American prime time soap opera Dallas and its 2012 continuation series.

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