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OTTAWA -- Canadian military members are being warned against getting certain tattoos, including those that could be deemed discriminatory or sexually explicit, as the armed forces tries to crack down on misconduct and intolerance in the ranks.

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In his directive, Vance said the aim was to maintain the military's positive reputation, "which prioritizes the promotion of diversity, respect and inclusion." Tattoos connected to criminal activities such as criminal gangs are now unacceptable as are those that promote or express discrimination as defined by the Canadian Human Rights Act, including hatred, violence, discrimination or harassment.

Military personnel are also forbidden from sporting ink that they know -- "or ought to know" -- is racist, sexist, misogynistic, xenophobic, homophobic, discriminatory against the disabled or sexually explicit.

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Work on the new rules predated that controversy, said Canadian Armed Forces spokeswoman 2nd Lt. Following an investigation, the Royal Canadian Navy said there was no ill intent on the sailor's part but that he had nonetheless agreed to change his tattoo.

The military's guidelines previously banned tattoos that were "visible either in military uniform or in civilian clothing that could be deemed to be offensive (e.g., pornographic, blasphemous, racist or containing vulgar language or design) or otherwise reflect discredit on the CAF." The new rules, which apply whether a tattoo is visible or not, lay out in much more detail what images are forbidden.

While Duval said the new guidelines were intended to provide more clarity for service members, some have nonetheless expressed confusion and concern on social media over whether they will be forced to change their tattoos.

Much of the discussion centred around whether all tattoos of women such as pictures of pin-up girls, which were often painted on military vehicles during the Second World War and remain popular with many soldiers today, are now completely banned.

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