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The Stratocaster was first introduced in spring 1954, it may well be the most popular and copied guitar design ever.

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Therefore, you can find No Casters with December 1950 neck dates, even though they didn't clip the decals and do final assembly till February 1951 (decal application was the last assembly step were always applied over the finish).

Making the body and neck (and dating them) was the first assembly step, and hence these dates can be a couple months before the instrument was finalized and shipped.

Starting in February 1951, Fender removed the word "Broadcaster" off their headstock decals.

These models (February 1951 to summer 1951) are known as "No Casters".

"Small" peghead, round string tree, truss rod adjusts at butt. Serial number on neck plate (except April to May 1954 models on back tremolo plate).

Neck is 1 piece of maple with black dot position markers.

The Rosewood Telecaster, introduced in 1969, had a neck and body made from solid rosewood.

This guitar was reissued by Fender of Japan in the late 1980's and is a very close reproduction.

The majority of Broadcasters are dated November 1950.

A sure way to tell these two early guitars apart is that Broadcasters have truss rods, whereas all 1950 Esquires have no truss rod.

Dating a guitar is not only a useful and interesting thing to be able to do, in financial and historical terms it is vital.

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