Dating hardware wing

More than 20 styles of Chippendale pulls depict the popular styles of the period, and each is a beautiful enhancement for drawers, cabinets, and areas of your home.

Horton Brasses' has been making authentic reproductions since 1936.

Wings manufactured on or after year 2015 are rev B , and mentioned on the serial-no label.

dating hardware wing-86

Fasteners are also included with each pull assembly.

Chippendale pulls are a confluence of rococo and neoclassical features, deep carvings, angular arches, and latticework, enhanced with floral details.

Configure your Wings using a modern web interface, that can be used with any current web browser.

Please note: rev B hardware allows firmware update over web browser.

If you know the size of the pulls you are trying to replace, refer to our boring chart to see all the hardware in that size.

Although many pieces of antique furniture have survived through the centuries, unfortunately a great number of them are missing some or all of their original hardware.Ethernet connectivity completes this fast and efficient add-on.9 Window Keys, 25 Operational & Function Keys, 19 Key Numeric Keypad, 4 Arrow Keys and Backspace and 3 Rotary Encoders.Users of lighting control software can step up their performance with the ENTTEC Playback Wing.Featuring both keypad and faders for increased speed and control.Supports both DHCP and static IP addressing for versatile support with routers and switches.

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