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Formerly, the size of volumes were limited by the RAR file naming scheme, which produced extensions .rar, .r00 and so on through .r99.

This allowed for 101 volumes in a single release before the naming switched to s00, s01 and so on.

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Next, the standard usually talks about how to package the material.

Allowed package formats today are limited to RAR and ZIP, of which the latter is used only in 0-day releases.

Outside the warez scene, often referred to as p2p, there are no global rules similar to the scene, although some groups and individuals could have their own internal guidelines they follow.

In warez distribution, all releases must follow these predefined standards to become accepted material.

MP3 and music video releases are an exception in that they are not packaged into a single archive like almost all other sections.

These releases have content that is not further compressible without loss of quality, but also have small enough files that they can be transferred reliably without breaking them up.Different compression levels are used for each type of material being distributed.The reason for this is that some material compresses much better than others.There are separate standards for each category of releases.All groups are expected to know and follow the standards.When choosing file size, the limiting factor is the size of the media to be used (such as 700MB for CD-R).

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