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Sometimes we find ourselves dating people that we adore, or that we would love to adore, but we’re just not really compatible.

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"When there's chemistry between a couple, everything about the two of them turns each other on — a look, a caress, a touch, a glimpse of exposed flesh can blast their conjoined libidos into the stratosphere; but fabulous looks alone don't always make for spontaneous combustion.

Electrifying chemistry between a couple is ignited via a true heart, soul, mind, body connection, and it isn't based on what someone else or even what everyone else in the universe might think is hot — it's based on what your body registers as thermonuclear," she says. If one of you feels completely jaded, and the other has found inner peace, you're not going to get very far, Better Help telehealth counselor and psychologist Nikki Martinez tells Bustle.

It's true: A sarcastic, sardonic grumbler won't do well with a super blissed-out yogini.

"These two things are night and day, odd that they would fit together for a fling, much less a long and significant relationship." If you're trying to hold it down with someone who is a negative Nancy, while you're a total Pollyanna — or vice versa — things will likely crumble before long.

When she's not writing, the UC Davis graduate is focused on pursuits of the entertainment industry, spin class, and hot sauce.

Maybe all is going well with someone — you're dating, you're hanging out, you're having a fine time — but there's a nagging feeling in the back of your mind."It will benefit you to have this conversation early on." Be as honest and upfront as you possibly can.You can tell that you're not in tune if your partner is embarrassed by your romantic gestures, Rob Alex, who created Sexy Challenges and Mission Date Night with his wife, tells Bustle.When you know, you know; when you're not sure, you know, too, but it's harder to admit, because the thing you know in that case is that it's wrong. It's true that chemistry is a weird thing, fickle and reckless in some, curvaceous and never-ending in others, and nary a reason for it, other than the fact that pheromones are real, and often most of what draws us to each other is not a naked-eye kind of thing.So, then, compatibility — and its ugly stepsister, incompatibility — is not always something you can put your finger on, point to and say, "There it is.Generally, you can tell right away whether you're attracted to someone on that level.

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