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Students tend to choose friends that are similar to themselves, meaning those who share the same likes and interests.

There are two psychological reasons as to why this seems to happen, the first being social pressure and the other being the set of assumptions people tend to make about those who are similar to themselves.

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However, a challenging problem in link prediction is that of heterogeneous and reciprocal link prediction, such as accurate prediction of matches on an online dating site, jobs…

Many social networks in our daily life are bipartite networks that are built on reciprocity.

Aron et Al (1989) reported that in their sample of Canadian college students who recently fell in love, approximately 90% of them mentioned some indicator of thinking that the other person was attracted to them and the study also showed that maintaining eye contact was the most common clue.

It has also been shown that people often flatter and praise people whose favour they are trying to win, and people said that they even modify their self-presentation to better fit the expectations or preferences of the person to whom they are attracted, or from whom they are seeking attention or affection.

After their conversation, the participants were asked to write a brief statement about what they thought of their partner.

After they had written these statements, the experimenters allowed them to read what their respective partners had written.

Link prediction is a key technique in many applications in social networks, where potential links between entities need to be predicted.

Conventional link prediction techniques deal with either homogeneous entities, e.g., people to people, item to item links, or non-reciprocal relationships, e.g., people to item links.

Once the participants had read that their partners liked them, they then reported liking their partners more than when they had read that their partners did not like them.

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