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Smaller, less expensive O-gauge track debuted (and is used by Lionel to this day).

Though the company became a corporation, the family tradition continued, with Cowen's son Lawrence ("The Happy Lionel Boy") gracing catalogs, packaging, and sales materials.

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Ironically, as times grew tougher, the company introduced its greatest standard-gauge steam locomotive, the No.

400E, whose $42.50 price was beyond the means of most families.

In 1934, financial troubles led Lionel into court-ordered receivership to stave off bankruptcy.

That year the company's fortunes were boosted by the debut of the wildly popular Mickey and Minnie handcar, a $1 windup toy.

Meanwhile, streamlining was all the rage on America's railroads, and Lionel followed suit with its own designs, like the Union Pacific, the Hiawatha, and the Flying Yankee.

Lionel showed profits again in 1935, and the receivership was discharged. 700E New York Central Hudson, with its blueprint-accurate details, appealed to adult hobbyists.Lionel's first trains were powered by wet-cell (acid-filled!) batteries, soon replaced by the 110-volt electric transformer.These included locomotives with real puffing smoke (like the all-new Pennsylvania S-2 steam turbine), a remote-controlled coupling system, and a realistic water tower with a moving spout.Lionel's offerings, many styled to match actual railroads, reflected America's renewed love affair with trains.By 1906, with the introduction of preassembled track and a selection of engines and cars, the Lionel we know today was already taking shape.

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